About Us

Dee’z Zen Room is a Wellness and Relaxation Spa “Where your Well-Being is our TOP PRIORITY” we are located in Braidwood, IL. This spa is set in a modern, relaxed and comforting environment.  Dee’z Zen Room offers the following services, such as Therapeutic Massages, which include Swedish Relaxation Massage, Sports, Deep Tissue, and therapies such as Trigger Point, Neuromuscular and Myofascial. Sessions are available from 30 minutes up to an hour and a half (includes consultation, dressing, etc.)

Our Infrared Sauna and the benefits of a session can help you burn up to 600 calories, also helps alleviate and ease joint stiffness, promotes weight loss and enhances your blood flow, while you sweat out toxins and impurities. These sessions are available in increments of 20 minutes. 

A Soothing and invigorating bath soak is available with or without essential oils to help promote better sleep, reduce pain and increase blood circulation. So, if you would like to purchase a simple session for 30 minutes to help reduce stress. Let us know.

Our services that we offer here at Dee’s Zen are an alternative to natural healing and bring the body and the mind together to relax you.  Stress is something that we all deal with on different levels and why not treat yourself to be in a relaxed state. 

For a more transpiring feeling you can try one our Essential Oils such as Lavender; fresh, floral, clean and calm.  Lavender also helps support your cardiovascular system, nervous system and helps your emotional balance. If you have achy muscles and bones, we offer this Crisp Wintergreen oil, Panaway is cooling, soothing, and stimulating.  Citrusy and fragrant is our Lemon Oil, sweet, sharp also helps 

support the Digestive, Immune and Respiratory systems. (This is just to name a few)

While you are waiting for your session to begin, you can enjoy a bubbling and heated foot spa offered by one of our trained spa attendants. Come check Dee’z Zen Room out and EXPERIENCE ZEN Naturally. 

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